KLIS at a Glance

Located in Sentul, KLIS Primary School offers classes for every year group from Grade 1 through to Grade 6. We have highlighted the age rage in the below for your perusal. Our school follows the Cambridge Primary Curriculum which is one of the most highly-regarded curriculums for young learners between the ages of 5 to 100 in the world. This delivers a structured framework for each of the follow core subjects – English, Mathematics and Science – thus providing students with the key skills and knowledge in preparation for secondary school.

“Our true Islamic principles and values guide our students to be compassionate towards others, to act with integrity and to become strong leaders.”

With the basis of studying both the fardlu kifayah and fardlu ain as part of our faith in Allah and the command of Allah in the framework of worshipping Him, the knowledge taught will be a useful science. Not only in the world, but the reward flows to the hereafter. Therefore, educators and students conduct the process of teaching and learning activities with the encouragement of faith and worship.

KLIS Primary will provide a stimulating and exciting environment that encourages children to fully engage in their learning. Our facilities include in-class libraries, computer rooms, playground area, mushola, swimming pool, courtyard, and canteen spaces.
Year Group
Age Range
Grade 1
6 years old
Grade 2
6 – 7 years old
Grade 3
7 – 8 years old
Grade 4
8 – 9 years old
Grade 5
9 – 10 years old
Grade 6
10 – 11 years old
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